"The fall is"a disease of adaptation caused by the lack of ability to deal with new computer technologies in a healthy way." Brod (1984)

Adic_tic's mission is to promote safe and healthy use of new technologies and the promotion of responsible digital citizenship in childhood, adolescence and their families:

- Safe, avoiding risks or reducing its consequences.

- Healthy, looking for the full physical, mental and social, individual and collective welfare.

- Cybercitizenship, developing full citizenship skills, values ​​and skills.

Adic_tic is a pedagogical proposal that is aimed at preventive level to children and young people aged 11/12-16/18, which are secondary since it is the average age in Spain, in which acquire a smartphone and are at greater risk of acquiring a dependency to new technologies. Therefore believe that it is an optimal age for prevention to new technologies, today it is a tool for everyday use at this age.

On the other hand, we work together with parents through the AMPAS, intending to give them tools to detect the misuse of new technologies by children, and so as to avoid greater evils.