Meditation cells

Meditation cells

The black bee is the native species of bees in the area of the Bajo Maestrazgo, where we are.

The bees are dying, by the use of extensive agriculture (monoculture) and exploitation of the wild spaces. A nonsense and a recklessness, as humanity is we behave as we are doing with nature, or with ourselves, and ignore the wisdom of our ancestors, who cared and respected their power supplies, and their environment. We are in San Jorge, Baix Maestrat, Spain... What can we do?

Our purposes:



The Personal transformation may not be governed by rules or formats, allowing that our vision, intuition and conscience, will survive intact, and us of the actual reading of the facts that happen currently and are an attack on the system of life on Earth.

One global impact ecological alarm is the mass death of bees, by the impact of the indiscriminate use of toxic industrial agriculture. The disappearance of precious insect will determine the survival of humans on Earth.

If bees disappeared from the surface of the globe, a man you would only be four years of life: no bees, no pollination, grass, animals or men. (Einstein)